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Advanced Functional Testing

Functional Medicine testing utilizes advanced testing methodologies to identify dysfunctional pathways and develop a road map to treat patients more effectively.

In the case of hormone imbalances, anxiety, SIBO, depression, digestive disorders, autoimmune conditions, or any other chronic or degenerative condition, additional testing should be done to confirm the diagnosis, assess physiology and determine which therapies would be best for you.

Most commonly ordered tests:

Hair Mineral Analysis

When mineral deficiencies occur, toxic metals often replace these vital minerals in the body. Various mineral imbalances are revealed by hair analysis.

FST (Food Sensitivity Test)

Food sensitivity is not a disease but may play a role in causing disease or worsening certain symptoms. Symptoms associated with food sensitivities develop slowly over time and can create inflammation. The RMA FST™ IgG Food Sensitivity Test can help identify potential food sensitivities and take the guesswork out of your diet.

Salivary Hormone Test

is a salivary hormone test for evaluating levels of sex hormones in both women and men.

  • One Day Hormone check
  • Cortisol awakening Response
  • Male hormone Plus
Comprehensive Stool Test


  • Parameters for digestion & absorption
  • Cultures for bacteria and yeast
  • Parasite testing
  • Inflammatory markers
  • Stool metabolic markers
  • Infectious pathogens
SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth)

SIBO is a common clinical condition and can develop in a variety of patient populations.

Genova’s SIBO Profiles are non-invasive breath tests that capture exhaled hydrogen (H2) and methane (CH4) gases following patient ingestion of a lactulose solution to evaluate bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine.

OAT (Organic Acid Test)

Our Organic Acids Test includes markers for vitamin and mineral levels, oxidative stress, and neurotransmitter levels, and is the only OAT to include markers for oxalates, which are highly correlated with many chronic illnesses.


Functional Advanced testing measures and analyzes your overall health status. Many functional markers can point to underlying imbalances and blockages, leading to a future poor health outcome. In addition, the tests can be customized specifically to your individual health issues.

Please do not use this information or the tests to diagnose or treat any conditions yourself; always work with your qualified healthcare provider / Doctor to correctly interpret the results.

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